Technology Consultant

Radio Hardware, Software, and Automation

Let Sam be your partner in radio station automation, from the planning stages, configuring software and hardware, to writing detailed programming lists. Sam can assist with switchers, satellite receivers, Pro Audio Sound Cards and specialized computer needs for broadcasting.

Internet Streaming

Whether creating a simple audio clip for your website, long form on demand audio, or a 24/7 live Internet stream - Sam can be your partner.

Digital Audio Production, Editing, and Conversion

Sam provides advice and consulting for all aspects of audio delivery. Do you want to digitize your old analog audio from cassette or vinyl records? Do you need to compress audio for the Internet or convert one audio format to another? Call Sam to discuss your audio project.

IT Writing/Documentation

With technology becoming more complicated every day for the individual, home office and small business, it is vitally important to document your IT details. Sam can document and maintain an IT Manual specific to your organization. This documentation can prevent the loss or misplacement of sensitive information critical to your day to day operations and will decrease your reliance on external individuals. Information includes passwords, technical details, equipment serial numbers and settings, login information, contact information and more. With all of this data in one central location, you can breathe easy!

Remote Control Access

What is remote control? Remote control is simply controlling computers from remote locations just like you're sitting in front of them. There are over 150 plus remote control programs on the market. Some are very expensive, some are free, but the best ones are in between.

Actually, three or four of the solutions have pro's and con's depending on your defined purpose, but can fit the bill for any remote control need. Sam would love to discuss your application, providing an array of options that put you in charge.

Leave the tech to Sam … choose to do what you do best.

Let's talk about it!